Third Party Verification Services

Third party verification services (TPV) are highly important in the telecommunications industry for ILECs, RBOCs, Carriers, and Long Distance providers.

TPV services are also now commonly used and required for the energy industry with electricity and utility providers on a local, regional, and national scale.

If you’re a growing provider of telecom, electricity or utility type service and want to implement the best practices and be compliant with your client acquisition initiatives – Calibrus Call Center Services has been delivering customized and cost effective TPV services with high closure rates.

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Calibrus offers a highly robust and comprehensive service offering that brings your sales verification process into the 21st century with near real time reporting, analytics, and high levels of customer satisfaction.  Third party verification services can be delivered in one of three primary forms:

1) Live Agent TPV – our live agents and operators are standing by and walk your new clients through the entire verification and account transfer process.

2) Automated TPV – we offer a highly customized automated voice response system to verify and confirm new accounts to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.

3) Hybrid TPV – get the best of both worlds of Live Agent TPV and Automated TPV services that ensure high closure rates and customer satisfaction.

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