Telephone Verification Service

Telephone verification service, also know as third party verification or TPV, is a service that is used to verify and confirm that an existing telephone service account holder has chosen to change their carrier to another service provider. This service evolved when deregulation in the telecommunications industry took place and competitive carriers and their sales agents began to fraudulently change people’s accounts without their prior approval or knowledge. A telephone verification service provider helps to thwart fraudulent carrier changes and maintains the integrity of a telecommunications industry and a carrier’s client base.


The Purpose

As stated above, the main purpose of this telephone verification service is focused on limiting and blocking fraudulent transfers of telephone service accounts from one carrier or telephone company to the other. TPV utilizes a third party that acts as the company that verifies with the customer that they actually want to transfer their account to the new carrier, and has the new carrier confirm that they are accepting the new client onto their network. In having this type of arrangement as a standard practice within the telecommunications industry, the use of “slamming” or fraudulently transferring accounts has been practically reduced to zero.

Additionally, to thwart fraud, there is additional technology and verifications that are put into place whereby the person who is looking to transfer the call is also verified as the actual account holder of the phone number they are looking to switch.


Methods Employed

The methods used for this type of telephone verification service requires the third party operator to verify the caller’s name, address and telephone number. In addition, its standard practice that the actual call is also recorded so there is backup proof that the person actually did verify and approve of the account transfer. Lastly, the new telephone company is also on the line and verifies and confirms that they will accept the transfer and acknowledge the account holder desire and confirmation to make the change.

Using a third party telephone verification service has greatly improved the telecommunications industry and has save consumers millions of dollars by reducing the amount of fraud that was once rampant in the industry. While it may be considered by telephone carriers and added cost to doing business and somewhat of a hassle, in the long run, it has also saved them a lot of money and thousands of clients by eliminating the ability for people to essentially steal clients from them.

For carriers and other competitive telephone providers – Working with an experienced and reliable third party telephone verification service provider is extremely important. Having the resources, systems and people to professional handle the calls and a large numbers of transfers is of high importance.

third party verification

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