Phone Number Verification – A Must-Have

red phoneThe process of phone number verification is a required procedure to transfer phone numbers to another carrier and is also commonly used with online orders within the USA. These days, because the Internet has become so highly successful in making online shopping possible, the US Federal Trade Commission and FCC has applied requirements for this step before a long-distance order can be completed. Why is phone number verification so important? Here are a few discussion points that provide you the background:

The Basic Process

What is meant by phone number verification is the process of checking and validating of the phone number submitted. When ordering the new carrier service or processing an order for a carrier change, the phone number that is being changed needs to be supplied. When an order is made, the company will call up the submitted phone number as a form of verification. The company will then ask for the basic information of the caller and check it against the submitted data on the online system. The next step is the third party phone number verification process which goes through the order confirmation, validates the phone number and confirms the account holder’s identifying information, all of which is recorded. After proving that the phone number belongs to the right person, then the customer order is processed.

Those are the basic processes of phone number verification. Why is it so troublesome? Why do the identity of the owner of the number is needed? Those are for countermeasure against false orders and account transfers, also known as long distance”slamming” and also to help thwart cyber crime and/or the possibility of identity theft during a long distance business transaction.


The Importance of Verification

Being a long distance carrier, similar to most industries, does have some level of risk associated with account turnover, or losing customers to less honest competitors or from sales people using illegal tactics. Verification is one of the many methods to lessen the risk. With confirming the identity of the customer, there will be less risk in fake ordering or account transfers. There is also possibility that the person initiating the order, especially if its done online, that the person submitting the order is not an authorized person or the account holder of that phone number. Through phone number verification, that kind of issue can be avoided because as the orders are processed and the third party verification process validates the order, the identity of the person, and phone number in question. Verification is also useful for other types of transactions that involve the ordering of different products or services, especially when the order is a sizable one. If verification is in the case where a large online order is made or a phone based order is made and there are some mistakes or errors during the order input such as the address, delivery method, or actual order itself, it will be found early before shipping has been done.

These days, the most commonly found use of a third party verification (TPV) company is for ordering long distance and telecom services with phone number verification.  This makes the company could focus on managing the order and the payment while the verification process is in the hand of the third-party providing the verification process. These days, as online shopping has become more common practice, the third-party phone verification has taken and increasing role in making sure orders are correct, as well as reduce the amount of fraudulent orders being made online.

If you have a growing business that needs to have an order verification process to help you scale your company’s growth, to reduce fraudulent orders, or to minimize the amount of incorrect orders being filled – you need to work with a trusted TPV company that knows what they’re doing.

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